NEW CD / 28 November 08

I am very excited to officially announce that my new cd "Bridegroom Calling" has now been released. This cd is a depiction of the heart of our Bridegroom Jesus and His tremendous love for us, but also reveals the grief when His beloved Bride won’t come to Him. My hope is that we will be drawn to a deeper level of intimacy with Jesus.

I want to especially thank all those who have been praying into this project.
Your support has been overwhelming!




On August 26th last year I was leading worship
at Zion Hill Christian Community when I suddenly
experienced a powerful anointing that took
me in a vision to the Throne Room. What I
experienced that morning has changed my life
forever. I later asked a friend to paint a picture
of what I saw, and she was able to accurately
capture the vision in such a beautiful way.
Here is my account as printed in the House of Prayer
for all Nations Newsletter.…

“Last Sunday morning at Zion Hill the Lord took me
into the deepest place of intimate worship I have
ever known or experienced. While at the keyboard I found myself in the Throne
Room and speaking out the words that Jesus was saying to His bride (the
church). Jesus Himself was speaking through me. I began to weep
uncontrollably for His bride. The room went silent as the Holy Spirit moved
about the room touching many hearts. Many later told me they had never
experienced anything so deep. It went for about half an hour! He was longing
for His bride... a longing I can’t explain in words, but the bride was not coming.
His heart was broken and aching for His bride... and I felt it! Had I felt all His
pain I know it would have been too much and I would have died, but I felt His
heart. Heidi Baker (from Mozambique) saw Jesus’ eyes while on the floor of a
Toronto church one day and it changed her life forever. I have prayed many
times to see His eyes, but that morning I felt His broken heart and His longing
and passion for His bride and it has changed my life forever. The music I was
playing on the piano reflected
the words being spoken. I then received a vision, but I was actually there! A
vision that also has changed my life:
I saw a large vineyard and in the vineyard was a huge bell tower. It was white
and about four storeys high with about half a dozen large bells at the top.
Alongside each bell was an angel of the Lord hovering beside the bell and
holding a hammer. The hammer
was a handle of wood about twice the thickness of a broom handle. It was long
and on the end was a large soft pad. As each angel was hovering alongside
this bell I heard Jesus cry out, “Angels, ring the bells of intimacy!!” (I shouted
out these words to the congregation and beyond.) The angels drew back and
struck the bells continuously. The sound was very loud and travelled beyond
the vineyard and across the land for miles and miles. At that point dozens and
dozens of little foxes poured out of the vineyard fleeing like fearful rats and
running into the open fields surrounding the vineyard. I could see their faces of fear. I yelled out, “The foxes are leaving the vineyard. They cannot stand the
sound of the Intimacy Bells!” (The little foxes in Song of Songs chapter 2.)
Then the Lord said, “Come all, come and eat of the fruit – the fruit of
intimacy in My vineyard. Did you think I had forgotten you?

How could you think that I had forgotten you?” At this point I wept like I have
never wept before. I felt His broken heart again and it hasn’t left me since. Oh
how we have broken His heart. I feel like my words fail to express that place. I
was in heaven and felt His love and compassion and longing for the bride He
loves so much. That’s us and everyone else who is His.”

We (the Bride) have not put Intimacy above everything else. Our desire for
Intimacy with Him must be above ministry, miracles, anointings, and our
callings. We must never seek the work of His hands above who He is. It is out
of our Intimacy with Jesus that
we learn and experience His heart, and out of that will flow the work of His
hands. My prayer is that the Lord will help us to restore Intimacy to it’s rightful
place... after all, it is the first commandment! And may we hear the call of the
Bridegroom saying “come and eat of the fruit of Intimacy”.
May the Lord bless you and keep you and make
His face to shine upon you....


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